Meet Bobbi

BobbiKlein_09Bobbi is pursuing her dreams of Making the Impossible Possible and living the life she is meant to live, the 100% unconventional one. Life is about living and not being confined into a box where we are all supposed to conform and live content.

No longer is it “You can’t” but instead it’s “Why can’t you?”  She spends her time creating, developing, and implementing ways to make things happen.  She invokes creativity as one of her keys to make things happen that you would never think of. This is her unconventional side. It shines quite brightly and is part of who she genuinely is.  She takes an interest in getting to know people, cares for them, helps them get to where they want to go in life, and makes their days a little brighter. Bobbi is driven by innovation, imagination, and on a quest to become optimal in health.

She is highly motivated and motivates everyone she is around. She is constantly expanding her knowledge on all areas of study, currently it’s on health and quantum biology. She is fluent in Spanish, has studied Chemistry, Economics, and International Relations, works on lifestyle and travel photography and is a creative director with Splendore, and writing about her travels and unconventional life. Bobbi always is one to strike up a conversation with a stranger, and do not be surprised to find her at your local coffee shop as she has a love for traveling and seeing the world.

Connect with her on twitter and Snapchat: @bobbiklein and on Instagram