As I was deciding where to take my life to next, I was looking for the next adventure, a place where I could truly live my life, become optimal, and not live confined to daily phone calls and emails making sure that creativity was stifled. Life is about living.

100% unconventional is just that. You take adventures as you see fit.

What is 100% unconventional?

100% Unconventional is going against the grain of conventional wisdom. On my quest to becoming optimal in health, happiness, and life, I came across a neurosurgeon, Dr. Jack Kruse, who changed my life and instilled within me the knowledge that “When you know better, you do better.” I’m creating a life that is worth living and am going to extremes to make things happen. So now, I’m taking control of my life and living this 100% unconventional out.

Some may think that this is just a ploy for the latest fads of nomad travelers living their life and that one could never make it, but I beg to differ.

This is for all of you who have decided to create and live life on your own terms and not by the corporate warlords.

What have I done that is 100% unconventional?

    • I have traveled to Spain just because I needed more Extra Virgen Olive Oil and pimentón.
    • Surprised my best friend for Christmas in Paris, France because he would not have any family to celebrate with.
    • I have impacted the lives of many students by helping them connect the dots and get to a place where they want to be in life.
    • I have decided to smile every single day that I am alive, because I am still living no matter how emotions may want to take over.


  • Decided that “No” is just another roadblock, and there are other options available to make things happen.colors quote
  • Helped lead a class project to raise money for an inner city high school to increase their materials for an ESL classroom.
  • Laid out in 10 inches of snow in the middle of winter  wearing nothing more than a tank top and shorts to achieve optimal health.
  • Creating an impact every day with people that I meet.
  • Living a life exuding with happiness.
  • Decided that all the money in the world would not make me happy.
  • Traveled on a single day notice to make someone’s day.
  • Eat a diet that is high ketogenic and full of seafood. The USDA would cringe with all the pastured butter that I eat.
  • Gone to the top of some of the highest mountains in the French Alps skiing without any knowledge of skiing.
  • Hiked some of the mountains in the French Alps on a trail that was not visible.
  • Turn off my phone once a week to just disconnect.
  • Ate all 37 flavors of gelato from Spinnato’s Gelateria in Palermo, Italy in 5 days.
  • Rented a bike in Washington, D.C. and rode all day without a map.
  • And many more…

See life is not about having a google calendar full of plans and meetings, but it is about realizing what is directly in front of you and seeing what you can create out of it. Did you just walk like a zombie into the coffee shop, grab your coffee, and exit or did you have a meaningful conversation with someone or even smile?

This is about living life. Some may call you unconventional, but I just consider it me being who I truly am.

I’m not one who is going to sit at an office trying to fill orders or complete research 24/7. That is a prison sentence to me. I’m out there seeing life.

I have left all security blankets aside and decided once and for all I am going into this with nothing holding me back. I have left my security net of teaching at Spanish at a university and am on the road of traveling. Will I travel across the world in a certain number of days? No, because with all of my travels I am sure I will make it to that goal, but it will come in due time. I am truly going to live the life that I am passionate about, one that spreads happiness, makes a difference in the lives that I meet and connect with the world around me.

We are here to lift each other up not crush others.

So, where to now?

Well, I am embarking on a journey to find out what truly makes you happy. I am going to go to extremes finding out the answers from people of all walks of life. From the homeless man on the street, to the top CEOs at Fortune 500 companies, to the President of the United States, to all-star professional athletes, to the 8 year old, and to the 100 year old.

What you do not know is that happiness is stimulated by those around us and it is not anything that material items can buy. We just long to have relationships that make us smile.

I would love to come visit you and have an Americano with some pastured butter. Let’s start this adventure together.