What If…?

What if you did something today to lift someone up? What if you smiled and were the first to start a conversation? What if you decided to show compassion instead of judging? What if you decided to take a risk and a chance? What if you gave it your all? What if you spent the time with those you loved disconnected from smartphones? What if you took the trip you have always wanted? What if you went into the project with an open mind? What if you woke up and decided that today is going to be amazing? What if you just did it even though you don’t know all of the answers? What if you changed your perspective? What if you decided to go for it? What if if it all works out better than expected? What if you do fantastic? What if…?   Continue Reading

Digital Meets Real World

So with the launch of the new app Meerkat and all of the people taking live video of their lives (even video of them going to Walgreens at 2 am), it has gotten me to believe that maybe some people have gone too far into the digital realm. Do we really need to watch a live video of you grocery shopping or late night eats? I believe that digital does have its place as it gives us an opportunity to connect with others that we might not have had the chance to otherwise; however, there is a line in the sand drawn between the digital and real worlds. If you spend more time in the digital world than in the real world, are you truly living life to the fullest? Let me put this into perspective. Are you consistently tweeting, instagraming, snapchating, meerkating, posting on tumblr instead of talking to […] Continue Reading

Are you the happiest right now?

That is the question the Starbucks manager asked as I was ordering my americano. My reply was a succint and confident “Yes.” His look was stunned. “Really?” he said. “Without a doubt,” I replied “Would you change anything?” “Maybe on a flight somewhere,” I said. “Where to?” “Wherever the first flight takes me. All I need is my camera.” “Really. Even to Minnesota?” “Yes. Even Minnesota.” He was beyond disbelief in my response, and as I took my americano I said, “Enjoy today.” I learned at an early age that tomorrow is not guaranteed and we have to live each day to the fullest and with intention. Stepping away from this conversation was enlightening to see how others view life. My answer was a 100% true. We get into the mentality that we need this, want this, need to be here or go there without truly enjoying the moment that we are […] Continue Reading

Adventures and Uncertainty

The adventures and uncertainty make it all worthwhile. I love adventures- going on them, doing incredible things for the first time, and saying “Please don’t leave me at the top of this mountain.” It’s seeing the open road and chasing time to climb the hill to capture that perfect sunset skyline picture. It’s having that one of a kind meal that you’ll remember forever. It’s laughing endlessly with your friends saying “How in the world did this happen?” It’s taking the initiative to go for it when all of the cards are not in place. It’s relying on living life instead of worrying. If I worried about everything, I wouldn’t have done anything. That’s where we have to draw the line. Stop worrying and start believing that it is possible and that the roller coaster adventure of life will work out. Continue Reading

It’s Worth the Ask

Everywhere I look and myself included, there is this fear of “Oh, I could never do this.” or “They’ll (a big global company) would never say yes.” But the reality is that the answer will always be “No” unless you ask. You have to face the fears of hearing the word “No” to be able to hear the possibilities of a “Yes, of course.” Your mind plays all sorts of tricks on you trying to say “You’re not good enough.” You of all people are enough just the way you are. Your talent, vision, and ideas are unique. Someone out there is going to sign on the line. It’s your job to find that person. My high school golf coach, Sharon Most, who had many state championships awards, had this amazing quote, “If it doesn’t get to the hole or past you have 0% chance of making the putt.” -Sharon […] Continue Reading

A Photo Is More Than A Photo

There is more to a picture than what meets your eye. Behind the image is a story full of memories evoking emotions of life in its good and bad, its ups and downs, and the beautiful and ugly. A photographer who captured the image at precisely the right time to take an image to being today Instagram worthy that was once a Kodak moment. What one experiences in life is the story that needs to be told. It’s the one that we are all yearning to tell, but we keep second guessing ourselves as whether it’s the right thing to do. What if the photojournalists had to tell the real story that they experienced and not the ones that are solely fit for the audience and the editors are pressured to tell. What would it take for us to tell our story, the one full of experiences that we are […] Continue Reading

Facing Your Fears

I tend to not let fear stop me in my tracks when I want to achieve something. I look at it as having the opportunity to try something new and believing that it will work out putting every ounce of effort into it. However, when I look back at my past, I was the girl who once did not like the unknown and adventure was not readily part of my vocabulary, and always wanted to have the answers right then and there. Hanging out with my friends, I was always considered the one with reason and safety, one that they could always rely on. Then it came to exploring the unknown and getting out of my comfort zone traveling to Barcelona for a summer study abroad, which led to me going back for my Master’s program a year later. It most definitely helped me expand my horizons and learn to […] Continue Reading

Breaking the Limits

It has been said that when you are around people who have a drive and are achieving things that you want to achieve, you need to hang around them. I can attest to this. The people that you are around you affect you in the way that you create, innovate, treat others, live, etc. Your environment is key. We put limits on ourselves saying that something is unachievable or even impossible in our minds. And you know what, with this mindset, it will ALWAYS be impossible. The moment that you drop the unachievable mentality from your mind, you begin to see the possibilities. You begin working on things to make what was impossible now possible. You stop believing the mental barriers and instead start taking noticeable action. *Hint: Complaining gets you nowhere. When you consistently put yourself around others who have dropped the limits from their vocabulary and mind, you […] Continue Reading

Laughter Is Contagious

We need to redefine our perspective on what is contagious in life. Many when we hear the word “contagious” automatically assume disease, illness, and today Ebola is ever so popular. Not to diminish the importance of diseases and germs, but they are not the only things that are contagious. On the flip side, there are the great things that are contagious- a positive spirit, great energy, laughter, smiles, and joy. Laughter and friends makes life so much fun! A photo posted by Bobbi Klein (@bobbiklein) on Aug 8, 2014 at 10:33am PDT   Laughter is my all time favorite. It just happens. If something begins to be slightly funny, my laugh lightens up a room as people begin laughing because of my laugh and not always what was funny to begin with. I love it. I once even won an award as an intern as having the GPS Laugh- “If […] Continue Reading

Giving Up

Just because the road gets rough and there may be roadblocks is not an excuse to stop. Stopping because of a rough patch is an excuse. An excuse that you are telling yourself that your mission is unattainable, unachievable, and not worth the blood, sweat, tears and the risk. It’s fear getting the best of you. The fear of failure, “what if this doesn’t work out?” If you keep believing that it’s impossible, then it will be. Your mind is everything. Change your outlook and the only way you’ll see things is with the end in sight no matter how many twists and turns. Giving up on something that truly matters is not an option. You will and can find a way to make it work. Don’t give up. Continue Reading