Are you the happiest right now?

That is the question the Starbucks manager asked as I was ordering my americano.

My reply was a succint and confident “Yes.” His look was stunned. “Really?” he said.

“Without a doubt,” I replied

“Would you change anything?”

“Maybe on a flight somewhere,” I said.

“Where to?”

“Wherever the first flight takes me. All I need is my camera.”

“Really. Even to Minnesota?”

“Yes. Even Minnesota.”

He was beyond disbelief in my response, and as I took my americano I said, “Enjoy today.”

I learned at an early age that tomorrow is not guaranteed and we have to live each day to the fullest and with intention.

Stepping away from this conversation was enlightening to see how others view life.

My answer was a 100% true. We get into the mentality that we need this, want this, need to be here or go there without truly enjoying the moment that we are in right now.

Could things be better? Yes.

Could things be a lot worse? Yes.

We have today to realize that today is a gift. We have to options to either complain about all the things wrong or live life to the fullest being happy.

You may have aspirations of being someplace different but that gives you no reason to not be happy today.

You control how you perceive your situation. Why not make it the best. Today is a gift. Live it to the fullest.

Posted March 4, 2015