Digital Meets Real World

So with the launch of the new app Meerkat and all of the people taking live video of their lives (even video of them going to Walgreens at 2 am), it has gotten me to believe that maybe some people have gone too far into the digital realm.

Do we really need to watch a live video of you grocery shopping or late night eats?

I believe that digital does have its place as it gives us an opportunity to connect with others that we might not have had the chance to otherwise; however, there is a line in the sand drawn between the digital and real worlds.

If you spend more time in the digital world than in the real world, are you truly living life to the fullest?

Let me put this into perspective.

Are you consistently tweeting, instagraming, snapchating, meerkating, posting on tumblr instead of talking to the person next to you at the coffee shop or even at home with your own family? There have been times when I have caught myself doing this instead of fully experiencing the moment. But you know what happens when you step back into living your life and engage with those around you, opportunities will be present among those you meet.

NCAA Men's Bracket

Take yesterday while out shooting photos, I began speaking with a guy who was also recording video of this mega NCAA bracket in Indianapolis, who I later found out was a reporter for the local news station, which resulted in an interview and possibilities of more stories. Could this have happened on twitter? Probably, but I can guarantee that it would not have been the same quality of interaction.

We need the interaction from those around us more than living in this false realm of the digital world. Yes, it holds connections and opportunity, but we cannot live 100% in the digital world without any real life human connection and better yet we were not meant to live a life full of loneliness. It has been seen that an Instagram follower does not hold the same weight as a real-life personal connection, and it is also one step closer to the same feeling as being in a room all by yourself.

It’s time for us to find the balance on how to use the digital world as a tool and continue to live in the real world.

Our souls crave for the connection, and we need it to grow and be a part of the communities that we live in.

If you do one thing today, I challenge you to put the phone down and talk to someone around you.


Posted March 17, 2015