It’s Worth the Ask

Everywhere I look and myself included, there is this fear of “Oh, I could never do this.” or “They’ll (a big global company) would never say yes.”

But the reality is that the answer will always be “No” unless you ask.

You have to face the fears of hearing the word “No” to be able to hear the possibilities of a “Yes, of course.” Your mind plays all sorts of tricks on you trying to say “You’re not good enough.”

You of all people are enough just the way you are. Your talent, vision, and ideas are unique. Someone out there is going to sign on the line. It’s your job to find that person.

My high school golf coach, Sharon Most, who had many state championships awards, had this amazing quote,

“If it doesn’t get to the hole or past you have 0% chance of making the putt.”

-Sharon Most

You better believe my teammates and I lived those words day in and day out on the golf course and the practice greens. There were evenings that it was becoming dark and personal dedication made it that if our set of 3, 5, or 10 putts all did not get to the hole or past, we started all over again. It was not the coach forcing us to stay later, but ourselves knowing that this is what needs to happen. There were times where we even set up outdoor lanterns to be able to see on the practice greens.

It’s this philosophy that has helped drive me to accomplishing the impossible. If it does not even come close to the person or company that you want to reach, then there is zero percent chance that you can make it happen. If you take the chance and send off an email, a tweet, etc. with an ask, you can guarantee that now you have a chance to make it possible.

So go all in today and start asking. You never know unless you ask.

Posted February 12, 2015