Be Open To Sharing

From a young age you are taught that sharing is meant to be and it’s how you get along with others.

Then something drastic happens when you become an artist or entrepreneur; you begin to hold onto all of your secrets and works without letting the world notice.

People never get to see your greatest works. Yes, you may have a blog or are releasing a photo here and there on Instagram and Flickr. Is this inspiring others to jump on board with your cause?

Hiding your ideas in a box waiting to get that meeting is not getting the brand’s marketing directors attention. Is there fear that someone will steal it? Maybe your idea is not that novel, and there is not passion behind it.

Today this is changing in the world of marketing and advertising. I am going to be the first to start because it needs to happen. The team at Splendore and myself decided to share our project with you as we want to make this happen this Spring 2014 prior to the Boston Marathon in Boston.

Drumroll please….

Here’s the Big Idea in 96 Words

If your running brand requires you to connect with your consumers, then you really just care about one thing: the ability to connect with as many engaged consumers, especially runners, as possible who will tell the world about their experience with your brand. As it turns out, the difference between connecting and a missed opportunity connecting with a consumer is the difference between $50 worth of sales and $500,000 of sales.

-This presentation is about our experiential marketing campaign “Making the Impossible Possible” in order to gain the most engaged audience possible for your running brand.

The Problem

Is that many companies are realizing that this is the new wave of marketing, experiential marketing, but few are following through because it takes creativity, passion, and the ability to understand the minds of your consumers, who do not want to be sold to but instead discover a love for your running brand.

The Solution

The impossible is now possible. Asking others what is something impossible that they would want to make happen? We are spending 3 full days each at separate locations in the heart of running country in Boston in the Spring of 2014 before the Boston Marathon. Consumers will write their impossible idea onto a large branded banner in Sharpies so that there is no erasing it and the idea is no longer impossible. It has been proven that once you state your idea and shout it out to the universe then you are more inclined to follow through. Included is a social media campaign, YouTube video promotion, original music, and brand ambassadors who resonate with running extending the reach of the campaign by millions.

Why do we need a new way of experiencing your brand?

TV ads are not getting the same response as 20 years ago. People are more receptive to social media and experiencing the brand in person. There are millions of users on youtube and sharing constantly. Mix that with experiential marketing and you have a win-win marketing and advertising solution.

For running brands who are dissatisfied with current marketing trends and results. Our idea is an experiential marketing coupled with technology titled “Making the Impossible Possible.” This provides reaching the highest potential of engaged consumer impressions while showing the character of your brand unlike standard marketing agencies.


IMG_1122Who better to put this on than a running brand? Saucony, Nike, Reebok, The North Face, Mizuno this could be your next big project that spurs people to do the impossible, make a PR in the marathon and take that first step with your “shoes” leading them on.

Running a marathon to most is impossible, but I know people who run more than 12 a year. Running creates drive and desire to push yourself to the limits.

Unlike traditional marketing, this gets runners actively engaged and remembering the experience that they had with you at the event. Making the Impossible Possible gives your brand the impressions that it needs reaching millions of people who are intrigued, engaged, and remember you over your competition.



The Team

The Splendore team includes Chief UNconventionalist, Bobbi Klein, who has been in branding, design, and experiential events with top brands including Verizon Wireless, Chevy Racing, and Klipsch Audio. You are not going to meet anyone who knows more about consumer engagement, relating to people, and able to show your brand’s compassion and importance of the consumer.

We work with platinum music producers, musicians, brands, designers, and admin on a daily basis. We hold the royal flush in our hand.

While I’m here to help you figure this out, as you can imagine I’m also super busy. Why don’t you tell me about your marketing program and where we can best help each other out.

I’m glad I had the time to share this with you. We can work with any brand internationally but we love what your brand is doing in the running industry. I encourage you to talk over how we can make this happen by contacting us today (bobbi [at]






Posted September 27, 2013